Life expectancy has steadily increased over the past two centuries but healthspan, which is the number of years you can live a normal, active life, has lagged behind.  The average person will now live for 80 years but their health may start to decline from as young as 50 years old.


Statistically, we're now more likely than at any time in human history to suffer from age related diseases, such as Alzheimers, Type 2 Diabetes, Glaucoma and Arthritis. At Defend My DNA, we are committed to improving human healthspan and ensuring we can enjoy our longer lives!


Our first product, PAUSE, combines 3 ingredients which have each been shown to slow and, in some cases, reverse the ageing process. Dr. David Sinclair, who runs the anti-ageing laboratory at Harvard University, notes that the combination of all 3 will turbo charge their effectiveness. 


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